Shift Happens

ImageWhen I consider the reasons that I have for becoming a teacher I realize that the use of technology is critical.  Students need to learn through technology because they are “Digital Natives”, as Marc Prensky notes in his work.  Technology is what they know.  It is second nature to them and because of their use of it throughout their lives their brains are hardwired to learn via technology.I believe the biggest obstacle to teaching the “Digital Native” will be the resources and equipment that we will have available for the students. Another challenges is that we as teachers prepare ourselves and get the training so that we can use the technology to its best advantage for our students.

Being able to integrate technology into my teaching in the future is an exciting prospect.  Honestly when I envisioned being a teacher I didn’t think of it in terms of technology.  I pictured the classroom as it has been for years. It is exciting to rethink the way students can be taught using today’s ever changing technology.   On teachbytes, a blog written by a technology teacher, he presents a great post about integrating technology in the classroom versus using technology. He presents a chart to show the key differences. Technology quotes We need to be able to integrate technology in the classroom as teachers. Technology needs to be a routine part of the classroom and used mostly by the students.  The possibilities are endless such as using technology for activities that would be difficult or impossible to do otherwise.  If we can engage our children and teach them using technology we will have moved forward with the shift and the students will be learning in a way that is in line with how they live.


4 responses to “Shift Happens

  1. The globalization of technology leaves us no choice other than rise up and teach students the skills they need to succeed. I agree with you,Intergrating technology into the classroom is essential. Using technology everyday will allow students to become and remain relevant in these advanced times. I really like you pictures and message about teachers who use technology replacing those who don’t.

  2. Great post, Lisa! I couldn’t agree with you more when you said “when I envisioned being a teacher I didn’t think of it in terms of technology.” It just hit me right now that I have never thought about that. I envision technology being a part of the classroom but never really realized when I first wanted to become a teacher technology was not anywhere near today. Technology is vital and will give children the resources, skill, and advantage that they will need moving forward with their education. I believe that if teachers aren’t constantly adapting to the new changes and ways in education their students won’t be as engaged in the learning. The U.S. needs engaged students for us to be competitive and successful in this global world.

  3. I love the quote on one of your pictures. It’s very true. Teachers integrating tech into the classroom will dominate those other teachers who are not using it. I’m along the same page as you Lisa. I’m looking forward to what new prospects integrating technology will bring. I just wonder what new apps or devices will be out there in a few years. What’s presently shown to us is already pretty amazing, but I could only image down the line. Another area where I agree with you is that educators DO need to get the proper training in order to understand how to process the functionality of the product and how to deliver it to the students. It would be really difficult throwing in a teacher and saying,”Alright you’re using this new product. Incorporate it into your lessons. Good luck.” I would feel overwhelmed if I were in that position. But it’s nice to know that there are classes like the one we’re taking right now, to help us prepare ourselves and get a better understanding of the resources that are out there for us and how to properly use those products.

  4. Great blog! I had not put much thought into technology either when choosing to pursue teaching. After reading the articles from Prensky I realize that as the world produces more and more digital natives it is essential to adjust my education schema to include technology. I also believe that availability of resources and equipment will be a challenge. Technology is expensive and funding is a continuing issue in education. I am excited about the opportunities for integrating technology into the classroom. Thank you for providing the teachbytes blog, I’m sure it will be an interesting read. As students learning processes are changing, technology will be routine in education. Hopefully as this becomes more prominent funding for technology will become a priority. I am excited to continue learning about all the different technologies that can be used in the classroom. It is essential to embrace technology and continue to educate ourselves as it evolves.

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